Bardzo dziękuję za współprace, wszystko było smaczne, uczestnicy chwalili Państwa jedzenie i organizacje. Moje najszczersze podziękowanie proszę przekazać pani Ewie, która świetnie zarządzała całością przedsięwzięcia i nie były jej straszne żadne niespodzianki. Szacunek także dla pracy zespołu

Joanna Krzemińska, ASPIRE FOR ALL

Raz jeszcze dziękuję za:
  • idealne dopasowanie się do naszych potrzeb
  • wyprzedzanie moich myśli
  • nieustający stan gotowości niesienia pomocy
  • bardzo sympatyczny i pomocny personel
Wszystko było smaczne, świeże i podane w odpowiednim momencie. Szczególne podziękowanie dla Pani Ewy

Monika Dziurdzia, Comarch

There were 1800 guests and I am still receiving favorable compliments on your food! Your employees made everyone feel especially welcome. I look forward to working with you again

Małgorzata Tokarz, Tesco

a HUGE THANK YOU again for the professional preparation, sensationel cooperation and perfect organization on site. It was a perfect event especially concerning your flexibility and the plannings from your side ....Especially your joyful readiness for our special wishes like polish food corner and your commitment to meet our expectations was simple awesome!!! Thanks also to your colleague Ewa for her warm friendliness and professional working...Hope we can work together again in near future somewhere in Poland!

Siglinde Jochum, KAD Kongresse & Events KG

Dziękuję za perfekcyjne przyjecie - wszystkim bardzo smakowało. Pozdrawiam i do następnego razu

Dorota Smreczyńska, Instytut Gospodarki Surowcami Mineralnymi i Energią PAN

Otrzymałam informację od naszych Gości oraz Pracowników, że wszystko było bardzo dobre, kolacja przebiegła sprawnie, bez żadnych niespodzianek i obsługa była na wysokim poziomie. Bardzo za wszystko dziękuję i mam nadzieję do zobaczenia na kolejnych takich spotkaniach

Barbara Leńczuk, Kaercher

Besides the delicious dinner we were highly impressed by the high level of service, congratulations to it!

Susan Pauwels-Verkou, PCO Pauwels Congress Organisers

Przede wszystkim chciałabym serdecznie podziękować za współpracę i dobre jedzenie w czasie Sympozjum Adeptów Urologii

Iwona Sribniak, PTU

Thank you so much for your prompt service, much appreciated!!!!

Kerstin Beyer, Fresenius

Całość oferty Masters Catering, zarówno ja, jak i moi klienci ocenili na wysokim poziomie

Krzysztof Węglarz, Dream World

Zaangażowanie, dobra organizacja, solidność oraz umiejętność pracy zespołu na miejscu spotkania, sprawiły że uroczystość zakończyła się wielkim sukcesem

Ewelina Liszka, Partner AGD RTV


Bestseller Offer

Current and the most interesting offers - MASTERS CATERING

Bestseller Offer

Company Christmas Eve



Company Christmas Eve is an ideal way to thank your employees for another year of work in pursuit of the success of your company. This is the time you can spend with them getting to know them from a completely different side. The atmosphere accompanying this event allows you to sum up the year, present the awards but also provide important information.
Therefore, especially for you we have prepared a comprehensive service of organizing this important event

Christmas Eve at home


Give yourself and your closest people this extraordinary at the family table.

The Christmas holiday is a family time, so we have prepared a christmas offer especially for you to spend beautiful moments with your loved ones. Christmas Eve shopping and preparations we take care of!
Being together is the best gift we can give each other.

Vegetarian lunch


The vegetarian diet is a type of elimination diet, the most important aspect of which is to minimise emerging food shortages. We therefore pay particular attention not only to the taste but also to the nutritional values. We make every effort to surprise our guests with the hidden possibilities of vegetarian cuisine while creating our menu. We take into account all small differences currently occurring in the context of the vegetarian diet to be sure that each of our guests find the right position for himself.

Vegan lunch


This offer is perfect for plant-based cuisine lovers and variety of its tastes and aromas. A plantbased diet brings many benefits to our health which is the most important aspect of our life. You will not find any products coming from animals in our lunch. There is a possibility to bake a sponge cake without eggs and we can definitely prove that vegan diet is not boring. You will find a big selection of groats, rice or rice noodles. Legumes, which are extremely nutritious are an indispensable functioning of our body.element of plant-based cuisine. They are an ideal substitute for protein, which is important for the proper functioning of our body

Traditional lunch buffet


A traditional lunch buffet is the most frequently chosen form of service during training sessions, business meetings or congresses. Meeting organizers are very often facing the problem of choosing dishes in order to minimize the risk of dissatisfaction of the present participants. The diets and nutritional conditions of the participants are also very often problematic, because currently these are changing dynamically. At Masters in Catering, we draw inspiration from cuisines from all over the world, and we update them on an ongoing basis in line with the current trends appearing on the market.

Tasting dinner


The tasting dinner is the perfect way to celebrate an extraordinary evening or a special occasion. A characteristic feature of this type of dining is paying attention to the smallest details. Specially selected dishes by our Chef are served during this type of dinner. Additionally, the chef is also a companion during your meeting. His job is to give you an idea of what is served on your plates. In addition, an indispensable element of this type of dinner is the presence of a somelier who will ensure harmony of the served dishes with the appropriate wine. It is also a fact that the size of the dishes served is relatively smaller than those served during visits in restaurants. Hovewer, the only hunger that may arise is the one in the context of experiences, you will undoubtedly remain hungry for more such impressions.

Slow food banquet


Slow food philosophy is mainly healthy food and seasonal local products. It's a concern for our environment and mutual respect for people working together. It is also very important to have a production method that does not harm the environment. It's taking joy from little things, and paying tribute to the peaceful rhythm of life. In our menu we rely on certified products from local organic producers

Holy communion


The celebration of Holy Communion is one of the first important events for both the child and parents. This is the time that needs to be devoted to preparing a lot of things and to commemorate this extremely important event. It is also a time for family reunions full of joy at entering the next stage of a young person's life. It requires the right frame, the right menu, and excellent service. The choice of Masters Catering is a guarantee of the highest quality of a comprehensive service combined with care for the smallest details. Rich menu selection, professional gastronomic equipment and qualified service.



Preparing for a wedding ceremony is an extraordinary time for a bride and a groom. In combination with reality and the responsibilities of everyday life, it becomes an extremely intense time in the struggle for the desire to complete the smallest details. This day will be the beginning of your future journey together, so it simply has to be special. Let us take care of the uniqueness of your day, just give us a name of the place and we'll take care of everything else. We want to celebrate with you the joy of being together.

Oatmeal coffe break


Oatmeals and their health properties have been known for a long time, which is why we have opted for an alternative coffee breaks enriched with vitamin B6 and B1. This is the perfect way to start important training or business meetings that require concentration and focus. You will find surprising combinations enriched with a wide range of fruits coming from our friendly local suppliers.

Vegan coffe break


We are aware of how dynamically eating habits and traditions change. Therefore, when preparing an offer for our contractors, we put emphasis on ensuring the comfort of those who have decided to change their diet. The Vegan version of coffee breaks is a set of products which are in one hundred percent plantbased. We will prepare a delicious and aromatic coffee with coconut, almond or oat milk especially for your guests. For those who love frozen coffee, there is an option prepared with tonic or orange juice. The signature cakes and snacks prepared by our chef will surprise you both in the context of taste and nutritional values. We invite you for a delicious macha cheesecake or homemade vegan delicacies. In addition to provide additional energy in our propositions you will also find nutritious smoothies that will provide plenty of ignition for further action leading to the success of your company.

Fusion Banquet


The Fusion Banquet is an original menu proposition prepared by our Chef. Unconventional combination of flavors from regions around the world and meeting exceptional meetings with a refined and surprising taste. In our offer you will find surprising combinations of colors, spices and aromas. The freedom and full willingness of the Fusion cuisine has allowed to create the unique meals in an unconventional edition. Which certainly fits perfectly into the international environment, positively surprising the local community.

Gourmet dinner


A sumptuous and elegant dinner is a time to celebrate an important, momentous private or professional occasion. The organization of a Gourmet Dinner requires flexibility as well as a sense of taste and aesthetics. Thanks to our many years of experience in organizing sublime events, you can count on creating a unique aura tailored to the occasion

Traditional picnic


Picnics are an interesting alternative of spending time, getting out of the simple life or combining business training with relaxation while being surrounded by nature. This is a ready-made version of the offer aimed at an occasional family meeting, training for your employees or meeting a group of friends. We will help you choose the right place, provide a basket full of unusual flavors, a blanket and lots of additional attractions. Organizing a barbecue picnic or fitness one is a piece of cake for us so please don't hesitate to contact us.

Modern picnic


As an alternative to a classic picnic, we have decided to prepare for you our signature version that break all the rules. By choosing a modern-style picnic, you will have the modern lounge furniture at your disposal, in combination with the amazing Fusion cuisine. During the picnic, our chef will not only tell you about the positions you have chosen but also will prepare them in front of you. We will also create a special bartending section combined with original drinks with a specially prepared menu. It's a groumet picnic organized for you in any place you wish.